Birthday Party

A Birthday Party that ROCKS


Have your birthday party with us here at the TGC. The party will last about 2 hours. We begin with an hour tour guided by the Director. During this tour, we will “make a fossil”, identify fossils, rocks & minerals, get a UV tattoo and dig for fossils, gold, and crystals. After the tour we party!

Bring your own cake, food, and refreshments. Go all out or keep it simple, it’s up to you. We will set up tables, chairs and you can use our stuff to decorate the party table (Fossils, Rocks, and Minerals).

Each student will receive:

  • A fossil imprint that’s made during the “Make A Fossil” lab
  • A “Rock Box Kit”. Each studentĀ visits our gold and crystal mine along with our fossil dig and rock quarry to complete this kit


Ages 5 plus are recommended


$225 / 1-16 students / +$10 per each additional student / Parents: No limit, no charge / No Deposit


Availability is limited, especially during the Spring. We are usually booked about 2 months out. Consider Friday nights 6:30pm-8:30pm or Sundays 2pm-4pm

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Text BrocĀ  918-760-2878 or email | Tour Calendar

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