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Individuals of 6 or fewer students will need to join “Open Tours”, view our calendar.

Summer Group Available Dates:
July 10, 19, 23, 24, 30, 31
August 1, 6-31

Open Tours
May 31st
June 1st
June 15th
July 2nd
July 10th

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Tour Visitor Rules

  • Cell phones need to be silenced, however, pictures are encouraged
  • Students causing distractions during presentations or activities will be asked to go to the media room and watch a movie
  • Fossils are FRAGILE, please ask students to treat them with respect, and only handle them when directed
  • LOST & FOUND: Items will be kept for 2 weeks


Please have name tags (first name) available for each student.

Certain dates may be reserved for OERB teacher accredited classes

We have a small gift shop if the students wish to bring spending money.