Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tulsa Geoscience Center?

Located in the heart of downtown Tulsa, at 610 S. Main Street, in the One Main Plaza building, Suite 200. Previous addresses that come up with web searches can be confusing, since it was first located in south Tulsa 2000 – 2009, then 507 S. Main St. April 2010-July 2011.

Who visits the Tulsa Geoscience Center?

Student K – 12 public school classes primarily from Northeastern Oklahoma, although many come from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas along with central and southern Oklahoma schools. Some school groups have come on buses from over 150 miles away!

Many private and homeschool groups, after-school programs, and Boy Scout, Girl Scout and Camp Fire groups visit as well.

What are tour hours?

Tours are booked by appointment only, Monday – Friday 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM*, and generally last 2 hours during the school year. Birthday parties and private events are booked on the weekend.

Since many groups depend on school bus transportation typically there is a morning tour and an afternoon tour, with time still available for an after-school group.

* Some youth group merit badge classes, such as Scouts, are booked after hours to accommodate their schedules.

Are summer and holiday program hours available?

Yes, but they are still by appointment.

What can visitors expect to find at the Tulsa Geoscience Center?

Activity stations in nine themed areas with hands-on activities designed to engage students in earth science awareness and education through a combination of demonstrations, investigations, and experiments, as well as exhibits and the Collection Room with rocks, minerals, and fossils, including dinosaurs.

What are students’ favorite activities and exhibits?

Inevitably 6 touring students asked that question will give 6 different answers:

  • “Earthquake Room and the tsunami activity!”
  • “Fossil Room with all the dinosaur fossils, microscopes, and making a fossil imprint”
  • “Fossil Dig: finding 4 fossil types, matching them to a card, and keeping my favorite.” (usually a shark tooth)
  • “Rock and Mineral Room experiments, and seeing the floating rocks.”
  • “Glow in the dark rocks, giant scorpion, and everyday products in the Fluorescent Room.”
  • “Making rubber bands and silly putty using Petrochemistry in the Petroleum Products Room.”

What makes the Tulsa Geoscience Center unique?

It is a stand-alone one-of-a-kind earth science educational facility for kids in the United States, and as far as we can determine the world.

Students are excited from the moment they walk in the doors and see the giant Tyrannosaurus Rex footprint and tooth! They are also impressed by the Oklahoma State Dinosaur and Oklahoma State Fossil are two dinosaurs even bigger than a T-Rex!

What are some of the activities you plan to expand?

With additional funding, we plan to develop additional programming for Energy Education, Tornado Alley education, and Recycling. Tulsa Geoscience Center also wants to expand on Oklahoma geological education, and create earth science teaching kits for classroom loans.