Tour Booking

We are open to the public. We cater to school groups, families & organizations. All tours are by appointment. Weekends are reserved for Parties and Private Events.

We are no longer accepting new tour bookings between April 4th and June 13th, due to being very heavily booked. Along with being heavily booked, we are busy moving from the 3rd floor to the 2nd floor! We hope you can understand.

To request a tour please fill out our Tour Booking Request Application.

View our online calendar for availability. Admission is $4 Standard, $8 Premium. Tours can be booked on weekdays from 8:30 am to 2:30pm start times. Individuals will be asked to join an existing age appropriate tour.

Admission: (by appointment, parents free)

  • $4 STANDARD – 10 student minimum. Covers 3-4 of our activities (this excludes “Make A Fossil” and our “Gold & Crystal Mine”) 
  • $8 PREMIUM  – 6 student minimum. In addition to 3-4 activities, students “Make A Fossil” to take home and visit our “Gold & Crystal Mine”. Each student will receive a Rock Box Kit filled with rocks, minerals and fossils. All OERB accredited teachers qualify for the premium tour. Find out more information at OERB HomeRoom.
  • $215 PRIVATE – Weekends & After Hours – *restrictions apply

Open Hours & Booking: (by appointment)
Family groups & classroom tours can be booked on weekdays from 8:30 am to 2:30pm start times. Individuals will join an existing age appropriate tour.  We offer morning and afternoon sessions, each session is about 2 hours.

Request a Date: (tours last 2 hours)
Please view our online tour calendar for availability (find an open date) then fill out a tour application. Groups of 65+ students, please request multiple dates.

If you have any questions before you request a tour date, contact
email is the best way to communicate with us.

Tour Application Form

To Book at Tour with the Tulsa GeoScience Center, please fill out this tour booking application.

If you haven’t heard back from us in 2-3 business days after you’ve requested a tour, or have questions, feel free to contact us. Thanks!